New My3D Site Style for the New Year!

With the start of 2011, I thought I would give the site a bit of an overhaul again. Ok it's a little bit into 2011 now but rather than think up a new bit of stuff, I'm sticking with this heading for a while :) With the new year will come some updated content including more free downloads , tutorials and reviews of 3D related items. There are lots of new advances in the 3D world, not only 3D graphics but now 3D video cameras are being more widely used and even the Queen was seen last year wearing a pair of 3D specs!

And by the way - if any 3D Plasma Screen makers would like to donate one of their lovely bits of kit for review - I will happily oblige :)

You may be wondering what happens if you register - at the moment nothing :) - I am thinking of putting a registered users area in which you will be able to download resources which are not available elsewhere. Details to follow.

If you want to access all the old 3D resources from the old site it is still available here.

Thanks for stopping by - probably ought to plug my latest 3D projects:

Official F1 and Moto GP Timing App from Soft Pauer

The TechnoVisual Video Artists Showreel will be ready soon which has some cgi in it :)

Just a quick disclaimer - the My3D site (this one) has no affiliation with Hasbro or it's 'My3D' product - I had the name first :) - but if Hasbro would like to provide all the necessary equipment, I would be happy to write a review.

Anywhoo ...

Here is some news from the 3D stuff world:

Hasbro My3D Video And Review

Apparently the Hasbro My3D accessory for iPod launched in April - I noticed when this site's traffic spiked - can't seem to find anyone who sells in the UK yet? - Just to be clear, this site has no affiliation to Hasbro, but in the interests of giving my visitors a bit of what they are looking for, here are a couple of videos about it - one looks like a marketing piece, the other an unboxing and review - enjoy :)

Youtube Link to My3D Review


BVE 2011

BVE 2011Featuring at the BVE exhibition this year are lots of 3D video gadgets and gismos - cos 3D is the new super duper technology for video - it took a while for the news to catch on didn't it!

I will be down there in London (skillfully combining my day out with a client visit :) on Thursday 17th so if you see me be sure to let me know that you read my site - the first one to find me gets a free beer :) ... anyway, heres the gumpf:

With BVE 2011 opening it's doors next week, we are delighted to be bringing you some of the hottest 3D content in the 3D Revolution Theatre. Built especially for BVE, it will showcase the latest in 3D equipment and give you the opportunity to hear from the hottest names around, all working in the exciting world of 3D.

Daz 3D and The Pile of Free 3D Stuff!

Daz3D The GirlI have long been a fan of the poser software suite - both because it provides a very quick setup for lifelike 3D figures both single frame and animation and because it is compatible with other favourites of mine like Vue. Then I stumbled upon the new release of Daz Studio - Daz are well known for their amazing 3D figures but I hadn't realized that not only is their 3D editor 'Daz Studio' free to download but if you sign up for a Daz account, many of their past creations are also completely free to download and start using - no caveats or limitations, just get stuck in there and start creating!

So that's what I did -  and still am - so probably more stuff about Daz Studio later as I work my way through all the goodies that are on offer.

Actually there is one little condition about getting all this great stuff - you have to agree to tell the rest of the world about it - so that's what I'm doing - if you download Daz 3D software and want to add your 2p worth - feel free to leave a comment below :)

Find out more and start downloading from:

The Art Of Illusion

I found the Art Of Illusion a little while back when I was looking for a modelling package that was a bit less complex than Blender but provided a bit more than Milkshape. The free download of Art Of Illusion seemed to fit the bill.

Art Of Illusion is an open source 3D modeling, animation and rendering program. It is written completely in Java, so it can run on as many different types of computer as possible. Using Art Of Illusion, you can ‘render’ (create) images in formats such as JPEG, PNG and TIFF, as well as videos in QuickTime format. Using further tools other video formats such as MPEG and DivX can also be produced.

There is an excellent and up-to-date manual available online; a range of tutorials covering the basic my-first-model (an hourglass), to complex modeling, animation, lighting techniques, and even script and plugin writing. The AOI community uses a number of forums to provide help to new users and discuss techniques, features, problems, and future directions. In addition, an active Wiki documents news and new features on an ongoing basis.

Art Of Illusion is also PC and Mac compatible and is available from

Hasbro Unveils My3D Gaming Device

I know this is the second story I have run on this device - but this one has video - I have no idea if it's any good - it hasn't been launched yet, but it's got the same name as this site and I'm not going to fight against Hasbro!

The World's First 3D Webcam?

Minoru 3D Webcam

Meet Minoru, meaning 'Reality' in Japanese, the World's first 3D webcam. eDimensional has partnered with the creator of this innovative new product to offer full support for the eDimensional 3D shutter glasses.

Minoru 3D Webcam connects easily to your PC’s USB port just like any other webcam but that’s where the similarities end. The Minoru software has stereoscopic anaglyphic processing that lets you be seen in three dimensions.

Cute Girl in 3D CG Animation Music Video,"Ready For Your Love"

I came across this video today - and thought ... poser characters in a band - with a synthisized female voice .. actually it's better than most of what you hear on Radio 1 :)


Hands On DarkBASIC Pro from Digital Skills

Dark Basic has been around for some time and now Digital Skills have added a 'Hands on' book set to their list of tutorial books - With the release of the second volume, you can now have the complete Hands On DarkBASIC Pro publication in ebook format for a fraction of its original price. - the first covering mainly 2D and the second mainly 3D.

Official 3D F1 2011 Timing App - Now Available

Soft Pauer, the maker of the official F1TM 2011 Timing and Track Positioning App has shipped the latest app to the App Store and Android Market. I am also very pleased about this as I was part of the team that produced this amazing 3D app :)

The award winning and phenomenally successful App is universally agreed to be the perfect companion to your Grand Prix viewing, and the only way to keep track no matter where you are in the world.

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