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3D Code Breaker is a game of deduction. The aim is to place the coloured balls in the sockets one row at a time, starting at the first row to match the hidden code which the computer has chosen at random.

3D Code Breaker Balls

Drag and drop the balls one at a time into the sockets of the active row making your guess at what the hidden combination of colours is.

3D Code Breaker Tick Button

When you have made your choice, click the tick button to the right of the active row. The computer will then mark your attempt. The scoring is as follows:
You get one white marker for each ball that is in the correct socket.

You get one grey marker for each ball that is in the code but is in the wrong socket.
3D Code Breaker Markers

The markers are not displayed in the positions of the correct balls. Each marker could refer to any of the coloured balls.

3D Code Breaker Hidden Code
You must get the right coloured balls in the correct sockets to match the hidden code within ten attempts to win the game.

The hidden code can consist of any number of any of the coloured balls and can also include spaces (no ball).

If you want to start again at any point, click the Reset button. 3D Code Breaker Reset Button

Happy Code Breaking !!!

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